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DocWalks ortho-insoles are designed and recommended by doctors for the relief of lower back pain, knee pain, and foot pain. DocWalks are an affordable solution that fits any shoe. Whether standing all day or partaking in the occasional run DocWalks can be tremendously beneficial.

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“I met these guys at the Calgary Stampede. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and these guys gave me a pair to try. I am from Australia and was just beginning my holiday. We did heaps of walking and I found these have really helped. My pain is now only very minimal usually if I am not wearing them. I have tried everything and find these really gave me relief. I recommend them.”

Anita Thompson

“Just wanted to take a minute and thank DocWalks for their amazing ortho-insoles. I work in security and I’m on my feet 10-12 hours a day, my feet use to be to sore by the end of the day and was experiencing pain in my heels. I used these insoles for 2 weeks and I no longer feel pain in my heels and soreness is little to none. Highly recommend this product for anyone that is feeling any type of pain or soreness in their feet.✊????”

Aran S Brar

“I was at the National Home Show today in Toronto. I was given immediate attention at Doc-Walks and fitted for ortho-insoles. I suffer from severe lower back pain each day. Ten minutes after I wore these, I felt an immediate change in my pain. As a bit of a sceptic, I was genuinely astounded at the relief I felt. I will be wearing these every day from now on and would highly recommend that you check out their website and purchase some for yourself!!! 5 stars”

Ann Masterson Didiano

“I would highly recommend DocWalks. I came back for a second time in a row and this time thought two pairs. I have really high arches and its helped helped with my back and knees. it takes 3 days to get use to it but once you break them in it helps so much. Dhillion helped me out and now him last year as well. he was awesome. thank you again!!!”

Kaitie Sachade

“Went to the Royal winter fair and came across the Docwalks both. My son and I tried this product and instantly noticed a difference in how it felt on our back when walking. My 13 year old son is 6′ and complains about back and knee pain when going on long walks. After a few days of using this product, he has noticed a considerable difference. I highly recommend this product, it is worth every penny. 5 stars”

Kelly Virgin
“I work retail and spend 8-10 hours a day on my feet. I have both knee and heel problems from playing lots of competitive soccer at a young age. The Doc Walks insoles have really helped with the amount of soreness and pain I feel when I get home from work! They are also very comfortable and After a few days of breaking them in properly I barely even notice them! Thanks so much!”
Cory Hunter

“I have not owned a pair of shoes without DocWalks for over ten years. My back pain and knee pain have subsided nearly entirely since I started using DocWalks. I cannot endorse this product more. It is a phenomenal innovation and as I write this review, my feet sit comfortably on a pair of DocWalks. Amazing product!”

“These are great! My husband has one in every shoe. They cost so much less than the ones you get from the foot doctor which cost 3-500. His expensive ones wore out and according to our benefits we had to wait another year before we could get another pair. These ones are great and I can get four pairs for less than the price of one from the foot doctor. These are so worth it.”
Ruth Lewis
Money Back Guarantee

90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Satisfied Customers

Over 10 Years of Positive Feedback.

Invented by Doctors

Tested & Proven by Medical Experts.

Made In Canada

Made Entirely in Canada.



docwalks plantar fasciitis orthotic insoles


The perfect balance between too rigid and too soft. Whether a HIGH ARCH or a FLAT FOOT; The ORTHO-FLEX arch will adapt to nearly ANY foot type!


A Durable, medicalgrade, weightdistributing, ultrapadded cushion layer.

DocWalks Insole Details


A Thin, Slip Resistant and Breathable scrim layer.


A Soft, Luxurious moisture-resistant, odour-free fabric layer.



DocWalks’ slim design fit almost any shoe, whether casual, sport or dresswear. They are available in a large range of sizes, from a women’s size 5 to a men’s size 14.

Four types of shoes
Made In Canada



Clinical studies and 10+ years of positive feedback prove that DocWalks are the best orthotic alternative on the market. Our clients are very satisfied.


First and foremost what sets DocWalks apart from all the competition is that DocWalks are made, tested, and approved by a team of highly trained professionals, including Medical Doctors, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports-Medicine Specialists, Ergonomists, and Podiatrists. Their combined knowledge and expertise is what makes DocWalks so effective and is the difference maker behind our success.

Dr. Arnie Ein - Inventor


65 reviews for DocWalks Ortho-Insoles

  1. David Lee

    I’ve been using DocWalks for a few weeks now, and I can definitely tell a difference. My feet don’t feel as tired at the end of the day.

  2. Elizabeth Garcia

    These insoles are so comfortable! They provide great support and cushioning, and they’ve helped to reduce my foot pain.

  3. Mark Benson

    DocWalks saved me! My feet always felt sore. It was incredibly uncomfortable. Not anymore! These insoles feel way better than the one from Walmart and my feet feels sooooo much better now.

  4. Bill Johnson

    I’m always on the go, whether I’m hiking, biking, or just running errands. DocWalks insoles have kept my feet happy and comfortable through it all. They’re definitely worth the investment!

  5. Isabella Wilson

    My feet used to throb at the end of the day, but since I started using DocWalks, they feel great!

  6. Ken Maze

    When I travel my back always kills me. My wife reminded me that I wasn’t complaining about my back on our last trip. DocWalks was the reason! Thank you!

  7. John Corrente

    I’m a contractor and I have these in my work boots. My feet used to hurt like hell but is a lot better now with DocWalks. The insoles that the boots came in were crap.

  8. Krish M.

    My DocWalks are awesome, but they do take a little getting used to. My feet felt a little weird for the first few days, but now they feel great. Definitely helped with my foot pain though!

  9. Emily Jones

    I used to be in so much pain after being on my feet all day, but now I can walk around comfortably for hours.

  10. Christopher Allen

    I used to suffer from chronic foot pain, but DocWalks has helped to reduce my pain significantly.

  11. Kara Flemmings

    I put these in the shoes I wear for long walks. I find it helps with my knee pain.

  12. Jamie Weiner

    My dads been complaining about back pain so I bought him DocWalks to try. He wants me to buy a few more pairs now. He loves them.

  13. Chirag Punwani

    I tried it for a week and didn’t work as well as I hoped. Seeing all the comments in here, maybe it just wasn’t for me.

  14. Sarah Marks

    OMG! My feet used to KILL me at work. But then I found these DocWalks insoles and WOW! Night and day difference! Now I can actually stand on my feet all day. Got a pair for all my shoes now – seriously recommend!

  15. Denise Johnston

    I bought 2 pairs at the royal winter fair last year. After a year of constant use and switching them back and fourth to all my shoes I went back this year and bought 4 pairs. I recommend them to everyone. They have been life changing for me who suffers from planters fasciitis and an Achilles tendon injury.

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