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DocWalks are the best orthotic alternative on the market. Our clients are very satisfied.


DocWalks’ medically-endorsed shell is very flexible, yet strong.

DocWalks Insole Details


DocWalks’ slim design fit almost any shoe, whether casual, sport or dresswear.


DocWalks to support your arches today and help stop the drop!


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DocWalks’ slim design fit almost any shoe, whether casual, sport or dresswear. They are available in a large range of sizes, from a women’s size 5 to a men’s size 14.

Made In Canada



Clinical studies and 10+ years of positive feedback prove that DocWalks are the best orthotic alternative on the market. Our clients are very satisfied.

Dr. Arnie Ein - Inventor


First and foremost what sets DocWalks apart from all the competition is that DocWalks are made, tested, and approved by a team of highly trained professionals, including Medical Doctors, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports-Medicine Specialists, Ergonomists, and Podiatrists. Their combined knowledge and expertise is what makes DocWalks so effective and is the difference maker behind our success.

Durable Insoles


DocWalks are not only built for comfort and pain relief, they are also built to last. We make DocWalks with the assumption that our customers will be wearing them full time, for all their shoes. This means a lot of use and ware over time. With the average lifespan of a pair of DocWalks being a minimum of 1 year and often 2+ years. You can use your DocWalks confidently knowing they will match you step for step in all walks of life.

Affordable Insoles


As many people know medically designed orthopaedic footwear can be extremely expensive often costing hundreds of Dollars. Off the shelf gels/cusions/insoles are low in price but are ineffective and not long lasting. DocWalks combines the best of both worlds giving you the medical effectiveness of a costly insert at a reasonable and affordable price.


At DocWalks we offer every single customer a 90-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues whatsoever you can return your DocWalks for a full refund anytime within 90-Days of purchase. DocWalks have a proven track record and we know that if broken in properly DocWalks are extremely effective, if that is not the case we are happy to provide a full refund.


Lower back pain relief is our specialty at DocWalks as it is the most common problem that we deal with. As with many other pains, Pronation and Supination are the major causes of lower back pain. All the major joints sit atop of one another, working in conjunction to keep the body aligned and moving. This is referred to as the kinetic chain. When the foot is out of position, it leads to the ankle being out of position, then the knee, and hip, and eventually the lower back–just like links in a chain. This can exacerbate pre-existing conditions in the back (sciatic pain, disc issues, injuries, etc.) and also cause and create new issues/pains.

The lower back is the epicentre of the lower body, which is why any misalignment of the lower body affects the lower back so drastically and also explains why lower back pain is so common.


Hip pain is another common issue that DocWalks are proven to relieve. The hips are the largest joints in your body (along with the knees), and it is essential to keep them properly aligned as they support the majority of your weight while you stand and walk. While walking, running, and moving, the hip bone rotates within a socket, which creates friction. There is a cushion of cartilage that reduces the rubbing, but repetitive stress wears it out over time. This is worsened by the misalignment of the feet and knees (pronation and supination).

If not properly stabilized, misalignment will cause pain and can also break down cartilage, muscle tendon and even bone. DocWalks are important not just for correction, but for prevention as well.


Ankle pain when not directly sprained or injured is most commonly caused by the rolling inward or outward of the feet (pronation or supination). The rolling in or out can be visibly seen at the ankle and can lead to general discomfort and pain. The ankle joint is made up of three bones: the tibia, fibula, and falus. This joint develops pain when the foot rolls inward or outward because the bones can become misaligned, which can lead to the stretching of the ligaments surrounding the ankle. DocWalks are able to stabilize the ankle and relieve any subsequent pain.


Plantar fasciitis is one of the most painful issues that DocWalks are proven to alleviate. Plantar fasciitis is often caused by the overuse of the plantar fascia, also referred to as the arch tendon of the foot.

When the tendon is over-stretched, it can develop micro-tears in the arch, which leads to extreme pain and discomfort. The pain is often rooted in the heel (but can be felt in the arch or the ball of the foot) and is commonly felt in the morning. It is easily irritated by standing long periods or excessive physical activity.


DocWalks are uniquely effective at treating heel spurs. Relieving heel spurs requires the dispersion of heel pressure, medical arch support and proper weight distribution, all of which DocWalks provide. People often try to relieve heel pain with cushions and padding, which is ineffective because padding merely softens the impact; it does not actually reduce the pressure in any way.

Heel spurs are actually a build-up of calcium under the heel bone. This develops as a result of repetitive stress on the heel often caused by the straining of foot muscles and ligaments. DocWalks attack the issue at it source by not only providing comfort, but medical relief as well.


Shin splints are a painful issue that is brought on by excessive physical activity without proper support and alignment. The actual pain is due to the tissue around the shin becoming inflamed. Misalignment of the legs due to pronation and supination already puts pressure on the tibia but high impact activities such as running, jumping, dancing, and standing long periods while pronating/supinating overloads the tibia and causes the shin splint. DocWalks can correct and prevent shin splints if worn during such activities.


Knee pain is often debilitating and can have a severe effect on day-to-day life. When the feet roll inward and outward, this is called Pronation and Supination. This directly affects alignment and is the most common cause of knee pain and can also exacerbate pre-existing injuries. Along with misalignment, general wear and tear occurs over time to the knees, often caused by jobs that require large amounts of standing/walking and high impact sports and activities.

Misalignment and over-use erode the cartilage of the knee and breaks down tissue leading to pain in the knee joint. This is where DocWalks can make the biggest difference.


Pain in the foot—whether it is the front metatarsal, the arch, the top of the foot, the side, the toes, or the heels—is all caused by improper distribution of weight and pressure. The feet are the foundation of entire body and if the pressure and alignment is even slightly off, it has a cascading effect that eventually effects every other joint in the lower body. This is why it is recommended to use DocWalks to correct the foot position at the first sign of discomfort/pain.



Kelly Virgin. Verified Buyer

“Went to the Royal winter fair and came across the Docwalks both. My son and I tried this product and instantly noticed a difference in how it felt on our back when walking. My 13 year old son is 6′ and complains about back and knee pain when going on long walks. After a few days of using this product, he has noticed a considerable difference. I highly recommend this product, it is worth every penny. 5 stars”

Kaitie Sachade. Verified Buyer

“I would highly recommend DocWalks. I came back for a second time in a row and this time thought two pairs. I have really high arches and its helped helped with my back and knees. it takes 3 days to get use to it but once you break them in it helps so much. Dhillion helped me out and now him last year as well. he was awesome. thank you again!!!”

Anita Thompson. Verified Buyer

“I met these guys at the Calgary Stampede. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and these guys gave me a pair to try. I am from Australia and was just beginning my holiday. We did heaps of walking and I found these have really helped. My pain is now only very minimal usually if I am not wearing them. I have tried everything and find these really gave me relief. I recommend them.”