Orthotic insoles pile for plantar fasciitis

Written By: Alex Ein

February 19, 2024

Finding the right support for plantar fasciitis can significantly alleviate discomfort and improve mobility, especially for those who endure long hours on their feet. Insoles tailored specifically for plantar fasciitis offer targeted relief and arch support, addressing the root cause of heel pain. In this guide, I review the top insoles renowned for their ability to provide all-day pain relief from plantar fasciitis and comprehensive arch support. Whether you’re navigating through daily activities or engaging in athletic pursuits, these insoles offer a reliable solution to ease discomfort and enhance your overall foot health.

Quick Recommendation

For a quick recommendation, check out the product list above or scroll down for more in-depth reviews.

1. Dr. Scholl’s® Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Orthotic Insoles

Dr Scholes Plantar Fasciitis insole


  • Provides targeted support to relieve plantar fasciitis pain
  • Designed to absorb shock 
  • Helps reduce stress on the arch and heel

Dr. Scholl’s® Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Orthotic Insoles stand out as an affordable solution to heel pain. Crafted with expertise in foot care, these insoles come equipped with a deep heel cup that absorbs shock, significantly reducing discomfort with each step. Similar to other insoles, you will need to buy a pair to see if it can be trimmed to properly fit into your shoes. The magic of these insoles lie in the even distribution of pressure across your foot and targeted arch support that prevents excessive stretching of the plantar fascia – it’s like having custom-tailored support for your unique foot shape.

These orthotic insoles are not just about immediate relief; they also focus on long-term prevention to keep you stepping strong. However, the biggest downside we find is that it wears down in a few months. This would of course depend on how much you are using them. We are avid walkers and on our feet a lot.


  • Can be trimmed to fit shoe size
  • Reduces morning plantar fasciitis pain
  • Provides arch support for various arch types
  • Distributes foot pressure evenly across the foot


  • May not fit your shoe size
  • Wears out after a few months
  • Only comes in men’s 8 – 13 and women’s 6 – 10

2. DocWalks

docwalks plantar fasciitis orthotic insoles


  • Corrects foot positioning and alignment
  • Treats various foot – related and body pains
  • Versatile design adaptable to different foot types
  • Provides stability and alignment for the whole body
  • Offers moisture-resistant, odor-free comfort
  • Suitable for long-standing periods, running, and pain-free living

DocWalks Ortho-Insoles are medically engineered to provide stability, correct alignment and offer an affordable solution to alleviate pains such as lower back aches or plantar fasciitis. I’ve worn these for 20+ years now and it’s helped me with foot-related pains. The Ortho-flex arch support is significantly stronger than other insoles in the market which allows it to last longer and provide stronger support for heavier weights.

It also has an anti-bacterial top cover keeps things fresh and prevents smelly insoles! Plus, the slip-resistant bottom ensures safety with every step. Whether I’m out for a jog or standing 12+ hours, I’ve noticed that my usual pangs of discomfort were significantly reduced. 

What stands out most is how versatile these insoles are. They work wonders whether you have high arches or flat feet and they tackle pronation/supination issues head-on by redistributing weight evenly across your feet. It’s this thoughtful design that targets long-term relief rather than just offering temporary fixes. 


  • Enjoy superior arch support with the medically designed Ortho-flex arch.
  • Medical grade materials built to last
  • Durable polypropylene arch.
  • Move confidently on various surfaces with the slip – resistant bottom scrim.
  • Keep your feet fresh and clean with the anti – bacterial top cover.


  • The arch design may not suit all foot shapes and could be uncomfortable for some users.
  • Some customers may find the mid – layer shock absorption inadequate for their specific needs or activities.

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

Powerstep plantar fasciitis insoles


  • Dual layer cushioning with foam top layer and EVA base
  • Firm but flexible arch support with a deep heel cradle for increased comfort, stability, and motion control
  • Odor control top fabric that helps reduce heat, friction, and perspiration

Powerstep Pinnacle insoles is a good option for people with mild to moderate pronation and common foot pain. The full support, odor control, and podiatrist-designed features are appealing. However, individual experiences vary, I felt that I required firmer support. I can see that some people can experience fit issues depending on their feet or shoes. 


  • Comprehensive pain relief: The insoles target various foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain associated with pronation.
  • Full support: The full-length design provides complete foot coverage and stability.
  • Odor control: The polyester top fabric helps manage moisture and reduce heat and friction.
  • Podiatrist-designed: The arch support shape boasts clinical backing for effectiveness.
  • Convenient: Available in numerous sizes and fit most casual, work, and walking shoes.
  • Durable: Made with a semi-rigid polypropylene shell.


  • Limited arch support for some: Users with flat feet or requiring very firm support might find the arch insufficient.
  • Thickness issue: The insoles’ bulkiness can tighten some shoes.
  • Some discomfort due to the arch position.

4. PROFOOT Orthotic Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain

Profoot plantar fasciitis insoles


  • Provides relief from plantar fasciitis and heel pain
  • Designed by foot experts for maximum support and comfort
  • Primarily heel support so it fits easily into most shoe styles for everyday wear
  • Material provides increased shock absorption

I was intrigued by the claims of targeted relief offered by PROFOOT Orthotic Insoles. Initially, I was impressed. The plush Vita Foam XD cushioning cradled my heels, offering a noticeable comfort upgrade, and the deep heel cup provided welcome stability. Walking felt noticeably easier, with a significant reduction in my heel pain. For everyday wear and casual walking, these insoles delivered on their promise of comfort and pain relief.

However, further testing revealed some downsides. There are durability concerns with the liner as it started to separate after just a few days of use. Additionally, the insoles tended to shift within my shoes, particularly in looser styles like sneakers. While they fit into most of my shoes, they proved too bulky for my work boots, causing tightness and discomfort.

Another key point to note is the limited arch support. These insoles primarily focus on heel cushioning, lacking the comprehensive arch support required for long walks or activities like running. In fact, the smooth material proved quite slippery during even moderate-paced runs, causing my foot to slide within the shoe.

In conclusion, the PROFOOT Orthotic Insoles offer a mixed bag. While they deliver impressive initial comfort and targeted heel pain relief, their durability issues, tendency to shift, limited arch support, and slipperiness raise concerns. If you primarily need heel cushioning for casual walking and have shoes that accommodate bulkier insoles, these might be worth trying. However, for those seeking comprehensive arch support, durability, or suitability for high-impact activities, other options are likely more appropriate.


  • Designed specifically for plantar fasciitis pain in the heel, offering inflammation and shock absorption.
  • Vita Foam XD provides cradled heel support and comfort for many users.
  • Deep heel cup that offers stability and weight distribution, potentially aiding pain relief.


  • Some users report the liner separating quickly.
  • Because of its size, there are shifting issues where insoles might not stay in place, especially in looser shoes.
  • It primarily focuses on heel cushioning, lacking support for users needing full arch coverage.
  • The smooth material might cause foot slippage during high-impact activities.


Superfeet plantar fasciitis insoles


  • Provides pain relief for feet
  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Specifically designed for casual shoes
  • Limestone color adds a stylish touch

My experience with Superfeet Casual Pain Relief was mixed. Walking certainly felt more comfortable at first. The contoured heel cups cradled my feet nicely, and the arch support was noticeable. Plus, kudos to Superfeet for being doctor-recommended – that gave me some initial confidence.

Unfortunately, the pain relief wasn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped. It definitely lessened, but it wasn’t the “goodbye heel pain”. And while the insoles fit into most of my shoes, they didn’t provide the plush cushioning I expected, especially on hard surfaces like concrete. My feet weren’t exactly thanking me after a long shift.

To top it off, the material seemed to grab onto my socks, creating annoying folds and bunching. Not the most comfortable feeling underfoot. 

On the plus side, they were easy to trim and fit into various shoe styles. 

If you’re looking for casual comfort with mild pain relief, these might be worth a try. But for serious pain or heavy wear, be prepared for mixed results and potentially quick wear-and-tear. 

We understand how foot pain, especially from conditions like plantar fasciitis, can turn everyday activities into a challenge. That’s why we’re recommending Superfeet Casual Pain Relief insoles as a powerful ally against discomfort. With their professional-grade arch support and trim-to-fit design, they’re tailored to provide relief and make walking enjoyable again for those of us over 40 who value comfort throughout the day.


  • Stepping into these insoles provided noticeable improvements in foot comfort, particularly the contoured heel cups and medium-high arch support. Casual walking felt considerably easier, with a reduction in heel pain.
  • Designed for various shoe types, from dress shoes to sneakers, with a trim-to-fit feature for customized size compatibility.
  • Doctor-recommended status adds credibility to the product’s purported benefits.


  • Unreliable Pain Relief and falls short of the “extraordinarily effective” claims.
  • The cushioning might not be sufficient for extended wear on hard surfaces, leaving some users with discomfort after prolonged standing or walking.
  • The top material reportedly grips onto socks, causing uncomfortable bunching and folds.
  • The insoles’ do not last as long and seem to have a higher wear-and-tear
  • There is some shifting within the shoe 


In conclusion, finding the right plantar fasciitis insoles can make a substantial difference in managing foot pain and providing much-needed support for the arch. With insoles, you have to make sure that it (1) is the right fit for your feet (2) it is the right fit for your shoes. We always recommend looking at the return policies for insoles. Some companies don’t allow you to return after you trim the insole, so double check the return policy for that as well.