Shin splints are a painful issue that is brought on by excessive physical activity without proper support and alignment. The actual pain is due to the tissue around the shin becoming inflamed. Misalignment of the legs due to pronation and supination already puts pressure on the tibia but high impact activities such as running, jumping, dancing, and standing long periods while pronating/supinating overloads the tibia and causes the shin splint. DocWalks can correct and prevent shin splints if worn during such activities.

Shin Spints Pain Point


DocWalks relieve shin splints by taking the pressure off of the tibia, which reduces the inflammation of the tissue.

This is only possible by straightening the leg and keeping it aligned while participating in high impact activities. While wearing DocWalks in your day-to-day shoes is essential to improve body alignment, it is even more important to wear them during physical activity and while walking/standing for long periods of time.

DocWalks gradually train your body to stay in the medically correct position and every step with DocWalks arch support (particularly high impact activities) will gradually reduce pressure and keep alignment related pains away. DocWalks are tried and tested in relieving shin splints and are guaranteed to help or your money-back.

“Hey Alex. thanks so much for all your help today at the Royal Winter Fair. Your orthotics saved me this past year. Standing on my feet for long hours used to cause me serious pain in my feet and lower back but with these inserts the pain is minimized significantly. Keep up the great work.”
Jade Petrushevsky