Plantar fasciitis is one of the most painful issues that DocWalks are proven to alleviate. Plantar fasciitis is often caused by the overuse of the plantar fascia, also referred to as the arch tendon of the foot.

When the tendon is over-stretched, it can develop micro-tears in the arch, which leads to extreme pain and discomfort. The pain is often rooted in the heel (but can be felt in the arch or the ball of the foot) and is commonly felt in the morning. It is easily irritated by standing long periods or excessive physical activity.

Plantars Fasciitis Pain Point


DocWalks work by supporting the arch in a non-aggressive way, allowing the tendon to heal over time.

Our revolutionary ORTHO-FLEX arch support is strong enough to prevent the stretching of the plantar fascia, but also flexible enough not to aggravate the already sensitive and inflamed area. This perfect balance between too rigid and too soft is what separates DocWalks apart from other treatments and that balance is essential when treating plantar fasciitis. DocWalks are guaranteed to alleviate plantar fasciitis related pains or your money-back.

“I purchased 4 pairs last year for my husband. I have put them in all his shoes. He is a contractor and has to go up and down ladders and he is on his feet all the time. He rarely has Plantar Fascitis, it is certainly under control! Thank you so much. They cost much less than Foot Specialists orthotics.”
Ruth Lewis