Knee pain is often debilitating and can have a severe effect on day-to-day life. When the feet roll inward and outward, this is called Pronation and Supination. This directly affects alignment and is the most common cause of knee pain and can also exacerbate pre-existing injuries. Along with misalignment, general wear and tear occurs over time to the knees, often caused by jobs that require large amounts of standing/walking and high impact sports and activities.

Misalignment and over-use erode the cartilage of the knee and breaks down tissue leading to pain in the knee joint. This is where DocWalks can make the biggest difference.

Pain Point on Knee


DocWalks alleviate knee pain by holding the foot in the medically correct position, ensuring optimal weight distribution and full body alignment.

DocWalks correct and prevent the unnatural rotation of the knee joint by stabilizing the foot. When unnatural pronation and supination is realigned, it relieves joint pain and allows for a pain free lifestyle.

With our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, DocWalks are guaranteed to relieve knee pain or your money back!

“I work retail and spend 8-10 hours a day on my feet. I have both knee and heel problems from playing lots of competitive soccer at a young age. The Doc Walks insoles have really helped with the amount of soreness and pain I feel when I get home from work! They are also very comfortable and After a few days of breaking them in properly I barely even notice them! Thanks so much!”
Cory Hunter