Hip pain is another common issue that DocWalks are proven to relieve. The hips are the largest joints in your body (along with the knees), and it is essential to keep them properly aligned as they support the majority of your weight while you stand and walk. While walking, running, and moving, the hip bone rotates within a socket, which creates friction. There is a cushion of cartilage that reduces the rubbing, but repetitive stress wears it out over time. This is worsened by the misalignment of the feet and knees (pronation and supination).

If not properly stabilized, misalignment will cause pain and can also break down cartilage, muscle tendon and even bone. DocWalks are important not just for correction, but for prevention as well.

Hip Pain Point


DocWalks help by ensuring the body absorbs shock in all the right places.

By holding the body in the medically correct position, DocWalks relieve pressure off of the hip and distributes the weight to the parts of the body that are designed to hold and support it. As with other joint pains, hip pain is relieved by the prevention/correction of pronation and supination.

DocWalks’ strong yet flexible, medically designed arch support stabilizes the foot, which then initiates a chain reaction of pain relief throughout the entire lower body.

DocWalks’ one of kind design are proven and guaranteed to aid in the relief of hip pain and are backed by our 90-Day Guarantee.

“Great product! Really helps my tired feet and my hip pain!”

Andrea Nguyen