DocWalks are uniquely effective at treating heel spurs. Relieving heel spurs requires the dispersion of heel pressure, medical arch support and proper weight distribution, all of which DocWalks provide. People often try to relieve heel pain with cushions and padding, which is ineffective because padding merely softens the impact; it does not actually reduce the pressure in any way.

Heel spurs are actually a build-up of calcium under the heel bone. This develops as a result of repetitive stress on the heel often caused by the straining of foot muscles and ligaments. DocWalks attack the issue at it source by not only providing comfort, but medical relief as well.

Heel Pain Point


DocWalks are able to treat heel spurs effectively because they take away the cause of the heel spur itself.

Too much pressure on the heel alone can cause a heel spur, but with the addition of a stretching arch and a misaligned foot position, it can be difficult to treat. DocWalks work because they address all the causes of heel spurs—when corrected, this allows the heel spur to gradually heal over time.

DocWalks allow you to walk/run as much as you want pain-free by supporting and stabilizing the muscles and ligaments, thereby removing excess pressure build up.

This is why DocWalks are guaranteed to remove your heel pain or your money back.

“I would highly recommend DocWalks. I came back for a second time in a row and this time thought two pairs. I have really high arches and its helped helped with my back and knees. it takes 3 days to get use to it but once you break them in it helps so much. Dhillion helped me out and now him last year as well. he was awesome. thank you again!!!”
Aran S Brar