Pain in the foot—whether it is the front metatarsal, the arch, the top of the foot, the side, the toes, or the heels—is all caused by improper distribution of weight and pressure. The feet are the foundation of entire body and if the pressure and alignment is even slightly off, it has a cascading effect that eventually effects every other joint in the lower body. This is why it is recommended to use DocWalks to correct the foot position at the first sign of discomfort/pain.

Foot Pain Point


DocWalks are so effective at relieving foot pain because they don’t just provide cushioning and padding.

DocWalks actually take away the cause of the foot pain by holding the foot in the medically correct position, thereby redistributing the pressure to the right parts of the foot. This not only relieves pain, but also keeps the foot from rolling inward or outward (pronation/supination) and prevents any future alignment related issues from developing.

DocWalks have proven to be extremely effective in treating foot pain, which is why they are back by our 90-Day money-back guarantee.

“I’m using these …. and after a year of foot pain these are helping me tremendously ! You have to work them in so take some time to do that …. would definitely recommend!”
Barb Render