Lower back pain relief is our specialty at DocWalks as it is the most common problem that we deal with. As with many other pains, Pronation and Supination are the major causes of lower back pain. All the major joints sit atop of one another, working in conjunction to keep the body aligned and moving. This is referred to as the kinetic chain. When the foot is out of position, it leads to the ankle being out of position, then the knee, and hip, and eventually the lower back–just like links in a chain. This can exacerbate pre-existing conditions in the back (sciatic pain, disc issues, injuries, etc.) and also cause and create new issues/pains.

The lower back is the epicentre of the lower body, which is why any misalignment of the lower body affects the lower back so drastically and also explains why lower back pain is so common.

Back Pain Point


DocWalks alleviate lower back pain by preventing and correcting the misalignment of the lower body, which is rooted in the feet.

DocWalks’ arch support keeps the foot in the medically correct position and re-aligns the kinetic chain. Once the foot is properly positioned, all the joints that sit atop of it also begin to align, eventually reaching the back and relieving any lower back pain.

DocWalks are different because they treat the cause rather than the symptom, correcting the issue at its source. With our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be certain that DocWalks will relieve lower back pain or your money back!

“OMG, wearing mine for only 4 days now and my back pain is 90% better! I was skeptical but they work”
Christiane Cormier