DocWalks is a family owned and operated business that began in Toronto, Canada nearly 20 years ago. The brothers who own DocWalks, Alex Ein and Spencer Ein, have a mission: to provide an affordable, effective solution to foot knee and back pain that is backed by a money-back guarantee. We want customers to be comforted in knowing they are investing in their health without any financial risk. This is only possible due to the incredible success rate of the product itself, which was invented by Alex and Spencer’s father Dr. Arnie Ein.

Family Business with Dad
Dr. Arnie Ein - Inventor


Dr. Ein created DocWalks nearly 20 years ago when he and his son Alex were both suffering from lower back and foot pain and he was looking into solutions. He knew insoles were too soft to provide any real support and orthotics (although great) are often too aggressive and expensive for a lot of common issues. He needed something that had the support of an orthotic with the comfort of an insole. He got together a team of doctors, podiatrists, and orthopedic surgeons and after 8 years of analysis and testing, they created DocWalks Ortho-Insoles: the perfectly balanced arch support.


The Doctors who created DocWalks knew they made an incredible product that could really help people, but they didn’t know how to get it to them. It was Dr. Ein’s son Alex who decided to bring DocWalks to trade shows so people could see and try it for themselves. He found success there and before long, DocWalks were at every trade show from Toronto to Montreal to Calgary and developing quite a grassroots following. This was helmed by Alex’s brother and business partner Spencer.

As the trade show business grew each year, more and more people came and told us how DocWalks had changed their lives, raving about how it relieved their pain and now they can stand at work easier or work out harder. It was these Canadian customers that built this company from the ground up, which is why we are so proud to have all our product made entirely in Canada.

Grassroots Growth
Made In Canada



Being made in Canada allows us to ship our product promptly anywhere in the country, as well as oversee production firsthand to ensure top quality and consistency for every pair. As a Canadian family business, it makes us extremely proud to be locally made and to ensure the customer gets a product we truly believe in.


What we want more than anything at DocWalks is to help people. If you are suffering and don’t know there is a solution out there – we want you to try out DocWalks and feel the difference for yourself. You will be so happy you did!